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Welcome to the English pages! I am Mia, a 43-year-old Finnish knit designer and media professional. I have been designing knitting patterns for several years, and they have been featured in magazines, books, and, of course, in my own online store.

Until now, I have primarily operated in the Finnish language, but there has been a growing demand for patterns translated into English. While the website itself is in Finnish, you can find this page in the main menu, where the content is presented in English. Information about translated patterns into English will also be provided here.

For the past few years, I have been running a Circus Club, where members receive a knitting pattern every month for a reasonable annual fee. And now I want to offer the same in English as well!

Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter! I will add you to the English-language mailing list, providing you with information about patterns and any potential upcoming club directly to your email.

Best Value

Circus Club 2024

26,90 €


Language: English

Membership offers you:

-13 sock pattern during year 2024

-2 beanie patterns (now)

-1 sweater pattern (now)

One time payment. No extra fees or hidden costs!

Welcome to Circus Club!

Club membership offers you 13 sock patterns, 1 sweater pattern and 2 beanie patterns. Knitting patterns will be delivered to you with the club letter throughout the year 2024! 

As a club member, you'll receive an exclusive SullaVikat pattern for each month of the year. The patterns will be sent to your email with the club letter at the release day. You can also download the pattern from the club page. 

These patterns are always unpublished! In terms of difficulty, they range from easy to intermediate, mostly featuring stranded knitting. There might also be a couple of patterns for lace-cable socks. The yarn thickness and leg length vary.


Price is one time payment €26,90 and that's it! No extra fees or hidden costs! And you will get total 16 knitting patterns!

(Kindly note: The English-language club may differ from the Finnish-language one.)

WHAT you will get?

Release dates are:
1. Neristan (Now)
2. Kuurankukkia (Now)
3. Fir (Now)
4. Spruce (Now)
5. Fauna (Now)
6.&7. Twins (Now)
8. Flora (Now)
9. 2nd winter (Now)
10. Homeyard (Now)
11. A Peek (Now)
12. Summerbundle (Now)
13. New sockpattern (September 1, 2024)
14. New sockpattern (October 1, 2024)
15. New sockpattern (November 1, 2024)
16. New sockpattern (December 1, 2024)


So, with your immediate order, you'll receive 11 knitting patterns. The remaining, yet unreleased patterns, will be delivered to you via email on the publication day. You can also download patterns from member area. You'll have access there right after you have purchased this year's plan.